Hexatron: The Second Coming

by Thriftshoplifters

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To whom it may concern:

If this album has escaped the grasp of space, travelled over a thousand fifty years into the past, and has found its way into your hands, then you now hold vital information regarding my story. With technology not yet available to the human race, one can decipher the history hidden within this record’s melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. Although it is primarily about the events that lead to my decisive mental battle with Dr. Bob in the state of Hotch, this album will live on as something much more important. It represents the story of the musicians who made it their goal to tell my history in the form of music. The story of Thriftshoplifters.

You may remember them as a group of adolescent boys that played a goofy and sort of contextually inappropriate song at a middle school jazz concert. Or possibly by receiving a blow to the face from a slice of bread at their album release show. Maybe you know them as a few of your high school band students that decided to get a little too creative. But you probably know the Thriftshoplifters as being unique and overall awesome guys.

I hope that this album, if it is to be their last, will define them and will make every minute of their hard work totally worth it. I think it is incredible how much they have expanded and matured in the three years since their debut release. After so long, I had no idea they could progress into creating anything of this extent. This album means a great deal to them and encompasses the time and energy it took to get this far not only as a band, but also as a group of friends.

So as you listen to all of the quirky band hits and interludes, the hard rockers and mellow jazz segments, and the persistent reemergence of the sax melody from the preceding album’s second track, remember that this record is a part of their imaginations and personalities. And if you see them in the future, let them know how you like it. Because I know you will.

As for me, I think my story may one day continue.

Elok Nevic


released January 21, 2014

Stephen Cole - Drums
Andrew Gurney - Bass
Gus Knobbe - Keys
Will Patton - Euphonium
Alex Ward - Sax

Produced by Thriftshoplifters
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Ward
Design by Will Patton



all rights reserved